Monday, July 28, 2008

Wilson Group Pictures/Video

I didn't get any good pictures or video on Sneffels or San Luis Peak, but here are the requisite summit shots anyway:

And some fantastic video, superbly shot and edited, from the Wilson Group. In order to access them, we had to hike about 5 miles in and set up a base camp on the shore of Navajo Lake in the basin below the peaks. We tried to access one of them a different way, but had a little mishap* along the way which is described fully in the video.

*The mishap described in the video is entirely fictional. The land was really just closed but Scott made up this imaginative story about a crazy old coot guarding his mining claim with a 12-gauge. Later, we found out that the land was not actually closed and had in fact changed hands just 2 weeks ago and we would have been fine hiking through it.

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hotlips said...

what do you eat all the time, and how much money does this awesome adventure cost?