Wednesday, July 2, 2008

These mountains are kicking my ass

That said, I got 3 more: Belford, Oxford, and Princeton.

To climb Princeton, I met up with some dudes I met on a climbing forum. We had an instant rapport due to our mutual love of bathroom humor. This was one of my favorite climbs so far. In the morning, the clouds were climbing up the mountain and the scenery was amazing. By the time we hit the summit, we were above the clouds! Also, we ended up bumming beer off some other climbers on the way down. It was a long climb of 5300 vertical feet and 13 miles.

Clouds rising up the mountain:

I climbed a couple others too:

I'm slowly getting quicker at climbing...slowly...And as the snow melts, it gets easier to climb. I may actually be able to finish my climbs this summer!

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