Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kicking it up a notch!

Allright, no more pussyfooting around these lumps of rock. I'm doing 2-3 days in a row of climbing to try to knock 'em all out. I'm getting in good enough shape that walking up a mountain is actually more pleasant than excruciating. Got 13 down now: Since my last update I've climbed Harvard, Yale, and Columbia. Harvard was a lot of fun...some rocky scrambling at the top which is a nice change from boring old walking. I think it was said best in Dumb and Dumber:

Harry: I expected the rocky mountains to be a little rockier than this.
Lloyd: I was thinking the same thing. That John Denver's full of shit, man.

Here's the summit photo:

That other guy is Scott. We both had the same dream for the summer: living out of our cars like dirty hobos and climbing peaks. So we've teamed up. He's really good at being a bum; he knows where all the free wi-fi is in these towns and taught me how to camp in the Wal-Mart parking lot. (Free bathrooms, 24 hours a day!)

Then, on the way down, I stopped for a side trip at Bear Lake. I tried to take video of me jumping in, but my camera's battery died about 3 seconds before I hit the water. In any case, here's a picture of the lake. It's where I want to go when I die. It has the clearest and tastiest water I've ever experienced. You can see in this photo that the far side of the lake is covered in a sheet of ice. The water was cold. Very cold. And refreshing, in a "my testicles have taken refuge inside me" kind of way.

Jumping back a few days, here I was on the 4th of July:

America! Fuck Yeah!

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hotlips said...

you are my hero....sighhhh. Are you teaming up with the guy for the rest of the time? and that lake does look like a peice of heaven.