Friday, July 18, 2008

The shenanigans continue

Scott abandoned me to go to a hippie music festival, so I climbed Handies Peak solo. I met a couple fine young ladies though, so it worked out fine. Anyway, I'm really enjoying the video thing so here is a fine summary of my exploits on Handies Peak.


Brendan said...

What's next, pantsless glissading?? And there's no shots of the fine young ladies i see.

Adam said...


I am also amused by the fact that, after more than a month of climbing, Anthony still has his trademark dented moobs.

Rock Doctor said...

Were the young ladies offended by the odor of your unwashed body? I hear they have showers in most major towns in Colorado - oh wait, you're not in those towns!

Go for it nature boy! I'm envious.
The Older L.

Anne said...

And you used "fine" so many times that I lost count! Hope you're having fun, but I'm with the rock doc -- where are the babes?

Auntie Anne