Sunday, July 13, 2008

Statistical Update & Video

I didn't climb yesterday because I slept too late and I didn't climb today because I had a gnarly case of food poisoning this morning...this simply won't do. In any case, here's a video from my latest climb, Mt. Antero (14,269 ft):

Some stats:

Peaks reached: 14
Feet climbed: 49620
Miles Walked: 98
Miles Driven: (forgot to check)
Days without showering:
Current: 6
Record : 10


hotlips said...

Awesome video, but you definitely have way too much time on your hands. And those first sunglasses you wear are huge!!!

Brendan said...

Nice dude, very nice. I have the strange urge to find and buy that beer now.

Anonymous said...

You can be the next great Discovery Channel show Tony! You should look into that. Or at least make more videos.

Anthony said...

Ryan, those are mountaineering sunglasses. They're really dark and they have side shields!

Adam said...

OMG WTF VIDEO!? (Windows Movie Maker?)

Actually, someone did once attempt to make a device that let you transmit smells over the Internet. It was called...brace yourself...the iSmell.