Sunday, June 22, 2008

One more down

Today I climbed Mt. Elbert, the highest point in the Rocky Mountains. This one was excruciating. It entailed 4400 ft of elevation gain, followed of course by 4400 ft of downhill. The view from the top was fantastic though. I could see a 360 degree panorama around the Rockies...not that I bothered to photograph this panorama. (D'oh!)Anyway, here's the requisite summit photo:

On the trail I met a New Mexico Tech alum! (I spotted him by his Socorro Springs hat) Class of '95 and nephew of the late Dr. David Norman. He also had a hot engineer wife. (Not a techie though)

If you want to keep track, here are some statistics on my trip so far:

Peaks reached: 4
Feet climbed: 10,770
Miles Walked: 24
Miles Driven: 830
Days without showering:
Current: 0
Record : 6


Brendan said...

That's f***ing awesome!

hotlips said...

If you ever want to do this trip again in a few years i will definitely join you.

Adam said...