Thursday, June 26, 2008

2 more down!

Summit shot on Mt. Sherman: (Warning: Rated PG-13)

Small children, avert your eyes.

This is how I took the summit shot when I found myself alone on a summit.


My climbing partner on Mt. Massive

Marmots don't take very good photos.
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Brendan said...

...oh dear god

hotlips said...

looks kinda cold up there

Adam said...

I almost sent you a link to a Fark thread the other day concerning a mountain on a Wyoming stamp that they're pretty sure is actually in Colorado. The thread got pretty interesting, because TFA had a quote from someone who had "bagged" all of the 14ers, and someone in the thread wanted to know why he had teabagged them all, and another person said that it was customary climbing to teabag the peaks, and hilarity ensued.

So I see that this guy wasn't just making that up.