Saturday, June 21, 2008

3 down!

I've now climbed 3 of the 14ers. Here's a photo from my first summit:

On my first day of climbing, I summitted Gray's peak and Torrey's Peak. This was the most physically challenging thing I have ever done. Once I got down, all I could do was pass out. I hardly had the energy to make dinner later. (I did, however, have energy to check out the old mine by the trailhead. It was mostly dismantled and there wasn't much to see. The portal was snowed in.)

Next I climbed Mt. Bierstadt. It was a little easier because I was more acclimated.

But before I climbed, I stopped in Vail one evening to see the Reverend Horton Heat!
(You uncultured swine out there will know them from Guitar Hero's Psychobilly Freakout. I want to make it perfectly clear that I liked them before they were cool.)

Fun fact: I haven't showered in 5 days!


hotlips said...

that is a gorgeous view you lucky bitch.

Travis said...

A gorgeous view of my galaxy 500

Adam said...

Reverend Horton Heat? Awesome!

Though I'm pretty sure I would be dead by now at this point in the journey.