Sunday, June 7, 2009


Not climbing, but it was an adventure. Ryan (who works in Montana) had a 3-day weekend and I was getting antsy sitting around Salt Lake, so we decided to float the Snake River in Wyoming this weekend. So I rented a raft from the U and headed up on Friday afternoon. We camped out a few miles south of the town of Jackson. It rained all night.

Saturday morning, we got up and headed to the river. We looked like this at the put-in spot:The high temperature was 53 degrees Fahrenheit, and the sun never came out. The water of course came from melting snow. The river was flooded and fast. We had an average speed 6.5 mph, and a max speed of 12.4 mph in some rapids. It rained all day.

After dinner, we went to bed around 9 because it was still raining and we didn't want to sit around outside. It rained all night.

If you ever find yourself in Jackson, Wyoming, leave. It is an unholy tourist trap with more T-shirt shops per capita than any other town in the USA. Seriously, I saw a T-shirt shop next to a T-shirt shop. If you want to buy a T-shirt proclaiming "I got drunk in Jackson, Wyoming", Jackson is the place to be. If you want to gorge yourself on all-you-can-eat buffets, guzzle clear alcohol diluted with high fructose corn syrup and take pictures in front of a place called "Cowboy Bar," (2 shows nightly!) go to Jackson. If you want to wiggle your way through a suffocatingly dense horde of obese retirees waddling around the town square, go to Jackson.

If you want to have fun, explore the surrounding countryside. Just south of Grand Teton National Park, it's in a great location. At least I assume it is, but the weather kept me from getting a good view.


Anna said...

I don't think I will visit Jackson, Wyoming.

I like your friend's Subaru.

I have a similar picture of you looking out over the water on our sailboat. Very Captain Morgan like I think.

Are you coming back to NC anytime soon?

Anthony said...

I am not planning to come back until Xmas. I do like your picture though..

michael said...

If my memory holds, the last time you were in Jackson, you came away with some boxers with Moose on them and a t-shirt (from one of those shops) that had something about mountain search and rescue on it. That was probably in 2000. Oh - and we had pizza at a back ally pizzaria before hitting the road and ending up in Brigham City or Logan that night. It didn't rain.

Dad (keeping you honest)