Saturday, August 16, 2008


Gabe and I saw 2 of 'em last night while driving on a dirt road just north of Vail. It was dark, and Gabe told me not to get too close because they're dangerous animals so the picture I got of the bull is far away and dark and not too intelligible.

See, the bright spot is the eye and the body goes to the right. You can kind of make out the antlers above the head. Most photos of bigfoot are better than this.
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Anonymous said...

Not to belittle your photographic expertise, but are you sure you didn't have too much Moosejuice before taking the picture? (See Farley Mowats "Never Cry Wolf" for the recipe)

Jake said...

it's a schooner

Adam said...

It's a streetlight!

Or perhaps a frozen gorilla suit stuffed in a freezer.